A special thank you to the many parents and coaches who have allowed me the honour and privilege of working with their children and young athletes.

Also a big thank you to the many kids who have enriched my life with their presence and have who have helped make me the coach I am today.

Carly Veitch | Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes | Lindsay, Ontario

This past school year, David Kittner came to The Warehouse Youth Centre a number of times to facilitate active programming with our tweens. Generally, the program staff find it very challenging to get these youth active as they would much rather be playing video games or texting their friends. Somehow David managed to engage every one of these youth. Some of them weren’t even aware that they were exercising because they were having so much fun. Many of our youth won’t try new things because they feel nervous or intimidated.

David has a way of creating a safe space where youth can feel comfortable to try something they’ve never done before. I feel that David’s programming helps increase youth fitness, teach them new and fun ways of getting active and build up their self-esteem. When asking the youth what they want to do during their after school program, they always tell us that they want “The
Youth Fitness Guy!”

Savanna Platt | Peterborough, Ontario

I was involved in the ‘Girls Only Strength and Conditioning Program’ that involved about six other girls in my high school which was taught and lead by David Kittner. There was a session once a week for ten weeks. I was very pleased with my experience. I loved that I always felt comfortable in the program and it was something I looked forward to doing after school.

David was always emphasizing that we matter. He was always teaching us new things whether it was about working out and being active or about self-esteem and goals. One of the things I took from this program was not to strive to be “skinny” but to strive to be strong – and as an adolescent girl this advice is very wise. David was always open to answering any of my questions which were very helpful and was always available to help outside of the sessions (e.g over email, twitter).

The most important thing I took from David’s program was that if you want to make progress and change in your life you need to step outside of your comfort zone. I’m very thankful that I took a step outside my comfort zone did something I normally wouldn’t do and that was joining the strength and conditioning program. I had lots of fun and learned so many valuable things that I’ll always remember.

Thank you David for giving me such a wonderful experience. Keep up the great work.

Dave Lickfold | Ennismore, Ontario

Having been involved in minor hockey for many years, it was a pleasure to have gotten together with David to set up an off-ice program for my son’s bantam age hockey team. David is a breath of fresh air and is committed to what all of us should be committed to with young athletes: “the young athletes ” .

Parents look to an off-ice program that fits their schedule and expect immediate results for their child. They measure success in the amount of sweat their child achieves in the off-ice. From my son’s experience with David my son learned about himself, confidence in himself, the importance of fitness, taking care of yourself and working your tail off to help achieve the things in life you want to achieve.

To have witnessed the program, the benefits and specifically the benefits for my son Dawson, it was a pleasure to have experienced David’s commitment to the youth athlete movement and have seen it first hand. Thanks David!!!

Barb Moore | Mississauga, Ontario

So as the mother of three boys I learned a long time ago what works for one may not, in fact most likely will not, work for the others. All my boys joined the traditional soccer, baseball, etc. because it seemed the thing to do, the other kids at school did it so off we went for practice and games. However my youngest who is now entering high school never quite found his ‘fit’. He just wanted to have fun, be around some other kids but not have the pressure associated with team sports. He never found his ‘fit’ until now that is! Warren enrolled in the Middle School Fitness program with David Kittner ‘Youth Fitness Guy’ and he is having a blast. It is a great program with no pressure he just heads out on a Saturday morning ready to have fun! Along the way he is more active, meeting some new friends and a few new skills as well. My youngest might be what many would call a book worm but in this program with David he is an All Star!

Connie Sebestyen | Mississauga, Ontario

David Kittner is a true master of youth fitness training. His ability to relate to children is pure magic, and his teaching style makes fitness fun. David works with my 11 year old son, Alex, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact he has on children. Alex is excited about exercise, and his confidence is soaring! He looks forward to his Saturday morning sessions every week. David is a true inspiration, and his dedication for youth fitness is extraordinary.

Patrick Quinn | Brampton, Ontario

I would like to thank you for the work you did with my daughter. This past season she tried out for a rep Volleyball Team. The team is top notch and finished top 10 in tier 1 division last year for U13 girls. My daughter played so well and with so much confidence during the tryouts that she made the team. They took only 10 players out of 21.

I am scratching my head looking at her play like she practiced all summer but she did not!!!

I can only attribute her success to all the great work that you did with Lisa. Her mobility is a lot better than last year; she’s more athletic and is able to stand on the balls of her feet ready to jump at the ball or dive for the ball. Her strength has also improved; she can serve overhead going on and on, something that she was not very good at last year. And finally her self-confidence in her abilities improved a lot. Her interest in sports has increased by being on the school volleyball, softball and touch football team.

I just want to thank you again for your time. I believe the time you spent with her this is the payoff of those hours of work on the field throughout the summer.

Shari Adam
 | Brampton, Ontario

Who says exercise can’t be fun?! As a youth fitness instructor David has done his homework. Having a 13 year old son himself he can relate to young athletes and puts together a well organized program that not only covers the physical but the nutritional aspect of healthy living. Whether your child is involved in an organized sport or you just want them to get some exercise, David’s program is for everyone. My son has been working with David for several months and loves the fact that ‘I have so much fun while I’m exercising’. He has improved his agility which is important for a goalie and has been given some exercises to do at home by David as well.

 David truly cares and it shows. Bring your child out to a class and see for yourself!

Wendy Martin-Winney | St. Andrew’s School Parent Council | Orangeville, Ontario

Thank you David for your participation in the Interactive Fun Night: Active Living – Healthy Family, for parents and children at St. Andrew’s School. Your involvement in this event makes a great difference to our community and St. Andrew’s children and their families. We are pleased to have your work with us again and thank you for a great presentation.

Jacquie Medeiros | Owen Sound, Ontario

I would like to tell you all about a gentleman who has made an impact on my son’s life. The man I am referring to is David Kittner. My son was taught by him for a few years in a Montessori School and was taught not only in an academic manner but in a social manner as well. My son was very insecure and never felt like he fit in with any social and educational groups.

David Kittner or as my son calls him, ‘Mr Kittner’, taught him how to have confidence in anything and everything he does. And this has helped him each and every day he encounters challenges. For all that he has done, he is someone who has earned a place in mine and my husband’s heart for all the good and genuine care he has given to our children.

Matt Hofland | Brampton, Ontario

This past summer David worked with my son Garrett and his lacrosse team. Garrett looked forward to the weekly sessions and enjoyed David’s creative style of training that combines fun, learning and training.

David is a knowledgeable instructor who is able to communicate effectively with his students. Now that hockey has started I have noticed a significant increase in Garrett’s athleticism. He is stronger, more flexible and, importantly as a goalie, demonstrated a significant increase in agility.

I would enthusiastically recommend David’s programs to anyone interested in improving their child’s sports performance.

Chris Curtis, Coach 
| BMLA Peewee II OLA Provincial Champions

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible job you did with the boys in their Dry Land training sessions during the Lacrosse season. The training and basic fundamentals that you taught the boys not only increased their stamina, but also improved their running skills and athleticism. 

I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and preparedness when working with the boys, and truly appreciate the time and effort you gave to our team. 

Obviously the work you did with the boys was a big part of our success during the season and in winning the OLA Provincial Championship at their level. 

I look forward to having you work with our team again in the upcoming Lacrosse season.

 Thank you!