Thanks to the many wonderful colleagues I have had the honour of working with over the years

Mark Verbeek, K-12 Fitness and Wellness Consultant | Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

“Over the last few years, the HWDSB Physical Education teachers have been looking for new ways to engage and develop physically literate students through innovative and developmentally appropriate fitness protocols.  Through workshops, online resources and literature, David has been a big part of our teacher development!  The innovative and fundamentally sound programming practices he shares has transformed how teachers in the HWDSB implement and teach fitness.

His personality, professionalism and fundamental PLAY attitude provides a welcoming environment for all teachers to learn and apply the principles being taught. He embodies the concept of PLAY and lives to be the example for teachers, coaches and parents, LIFELONG.

As a K-12 Fitness & Wellness consultant that oversees over a hundred different elementary and secondary schools, David is a go-to resource, colleague and friend. Thanks to you David for all that you do!  You inspire us all to be better! PLAY Strong. LIFELONG!

Rick Nadeau, Director of Fan Development | New York Rangers Hockey Club

This letter serves as a reference for David Kittner “Youth Fitness Guy”. Last summer, we were searching for ways to add variety to our annual summer youth hockey camp and to compliment the predominantly hockey-focused curriculum, which is when we decided to invite David to get involved.

Given David’s experience in youth development, along with his focus on enhancing the physical, emotional and educational well-being of children through play, fitness and nutrition, we felt it would be a fitting addition to our programming.

David arranged his schedule to fly into New York from Toronto on four consecutive Fridays to work with more than 300 children in our camp program. The age range was 7-14 years of age with hockey and athletic abilities that spanned a wide spectrum. David’s lesson plans were well thought out, catered to each age group, and the activities engaged them all.

He added a tremendous value to our program, not only for the New York Rangers and our youth hockey camp, but also for the children and families who benefited from his lessons. We would certainly consider having David back in the future for any of our youth focused programs.”

David Jack | Performance Coach

“If you have kids that deserve to play, learn about their bodies, be healthier, more effective and resilient in sport and life, then you need David Kittner to be a part of their journey. He cares as much as anyone I have ever had the pleasure of working with about making positive, sustainable and systemic impact on kids and their communities through the power of sport, fitness and play. And he does it exceptionally well. He is hands down one of my favorite peers in this industry because he cares deeply about serving more than anything else.”


Dr. Kwame Brown | Move Theory | The FUNction Method

David Kittner, known to some of you as Youth Fitness Guy is my friend, and that is why I’m writing this testimonial. Should you dismiss it because I say he is my friend? No. Because the very reasons he is my friend should be the same reasons you trust him as an advocate for play and kids. He is a true embodiment of the future of Active Play. Whether he is in Haiti or facilitating the FUN at ONE, he is always in “The Spirit of Play”.

I know him as a great Dad, professional, and playmate. He is “that coach” who can help bring great things out of kids not because they feel they have to but because they want to. He will never tell you that it is because of him. But I am telling you that. It is because of his spirit, because he seeks not to order kids to be active but to inspire them through his own infectious joy and extensive knowledge of movement.

So, it is with all of the above said that I, without reservation or question, endorse David Kittner as a true ambassador of Active Play.

Marc Lebert | Lebert Fitness

David is our Youth Conditioning Specialist at Lebert Fitness. He is my go-to guy for all things pertaining to kids and how they train. Biomechanics, energy system, appropriate exercise selection, etc. are all questions I have for him before I train any kids. He is passionate about their training, their fitness and having fun – not just making kids better for sport (which he can do) but enjoying movement and the process like we all should. Most of all he really cares about them! Kudos David, we are proud to have you on our team.

Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS
Director | Total Female Hockey 
Girls Hockey Club

David Kittner is a true gem in the world of young athlete development. He not only understands the science of developing young athletes, but, more importantly, realizes that fitness has to be fun and engaging in order to be effective. If you want your child to be more fit and athletic, and have a great time doing it, then I can think of no one better to work with than David.

Jessica Sampson, Manager of Marketing and Communications | Coaches Association of Ontario

]David is one of the most passionate individuals I’ve come across in amateur sport. He spoke at our 2012 Ontario Coaches Conference on the subject of purposeful practice and was well prepared and professional. He is very engaged in social media and we look forward to his tweets every day. We need more David’s in Ontario – he is a true champion of Canadian Sport For Life principals. Keep up the great work David.

Brian J. Grasso, Former Chief Executive Officer | International Youth Conditioning Association

David Kittner exemplifies exactly what the IYCA expects out of our International Family of Youth Fitness Specialists – passionate, caring and dedicated individuals who truly understand the unique sciences associated with child development and the practical means by which those must be applied to any fitness or sport-based venture. David is among the leading authorities in our more than 2,500 Members worldwide and the city of Brampton should feel very fortunate to have him as part of their community’s efforts to build a safer and more developmentally-sound style of fitness and sports for their children and families.