hockey9_mediumThere’s been a lot of talk of late about the dangers of kids over specializing in one sport at a young age.

I recently had a chance to talk with Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Dan Pollard as part of the OMHA BreakAway Podcast Series.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

“There’s a lot of young kids with some great sport-specific skills, and rightfully so because that’s all they’re doing. But take a hockey stick out of their hand and ask them to doing something athletic or skip or hop and do some very basic movement and they can’t. They struggle because they haven’t had the experience. When you don’t have that experience of developing systemic strength over the years, your risk of injury is very high and being over-specialized from such a young age, the burnout is quite high as well.”

Click Here to listen to the Podcast in it’s entirety.

And if you’re wondering how to play Circle Tag, on and off the ice, check out the video below:

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