The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) recently released it’s new series of podcasts Breakaway. Breakaway is a series of podcasts focusing on the pride, passion and participation of Canada’s national game.

You can check out Breakaway, The Minor Hockey Podcast Here

“The goal of the show is to sit down with the true leaders of hockey to discuss everything from scoring more goals to how to grow the game,” said Dan Pollard, host of Breakaway.“

“As a hockey dad and with my involvement in my local minor hockey association I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to this great endeavor.” Focusing on the pride, passion and participation of our national game, Breakaway, The Minor Hockey Podcast will deliver a cross-section of topics including playing and coaching tips, equipment reviews, activities and the state of the game from different perspectives.








All episodes appeal to players, parents, coaches, trainers, referees, administrators and fans of hockey. “The guests we have lined up range from professional coaches to national hockey leaders to experts in health, fitness and development,” says Executive Director, Richard Ropchan, which hints at how the podcast will help parents and players live healthy, active lives.

The Hockey Intelligym has come on board as presenting sponsor of Breakaway, The Minor Hockey Podcast. IntelliGym’s brain workout improves hockey sense by boosting a player’s ability to anticipate the play, improving on ice awareness and fostering better decision making.

Episodes loaded to date are as follows:

Building a Hockey Curriculum

Fast and Easy Pregame Meals

Parents Role In Player Development

Leading the Game

Hockey Stick Technology

New Breakaway Podcasts are released every Thursday. Subscribe today so you are sure to catch everyone as they are released:

Breakaway –  The Minor Hockey Podcast

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David Kittner
Youth Fitness Guy