P1000203 (1)If you’re ready to inject a ton of fun into your youth fitness coaching sessions or physical education programming get yourself some Dynamax Medicine Balls. The number of activities and games you can do with the medicine balls is limitless. The kids will enjoy themselves so much they’ll be begging you for more.

Regular use of the Dynamax Medicine Balls will not only enhance your athletes’ and students’ physical literacy skills, it will help them to develop their ten skills of Physical Fitness as well. dynamax 10 physical skills

There are many ways in which you can integrate medicine ball training into your programs whether you’re indoors or out. Depending on the age and stage of the kids you’re working with, your medicine ball training can be as informal or as formal as you want. For younger kids less formal with lots of opportunity for discovery and exploration works best. Actually it works well for the older kids too. For all age groups keep it simple and keep in fun. With those two ingredients you’ll never go wrong.

Below are some exclusive videos of David Jack in action working with a large group of teachers and coaches at the Youth Fitness Summit at York University in Toronto.

These are just a few examples of what can be done with the Dynamax Medicine Balls. If you missed the first two parts of this series on Dyanamax Medicine Ball Training you can see them here:

Part 1
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If you want to learn more about Dynamax Medicine Ball Training visit their website.

Give some of these activities a try and feel free to share your experiences in the Reply Box below.

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David Kittner
Youth Fitness Guy