Medicine Balls Youth Fitness Part 2


I never met a child, or even an adult for that matter who didn’t enjoy throwing things. I’ve learned over the years that medicine balls are great for that purpose. Whether you’re throwing a weighted med ball into a wide open space, to a partner or rebounding it off a wall, throwing medicine balls is a ton of fun and once kids get started and discover how much fun it can be, they never want to stop.

Just as you wouldn’t have a young child play hockey with an adult sized stick or play baseball using an adult sized glove, using the appropriate sized med ball is key to the amount of fun and success a child will have while using them in their activities.


I’m a big fan of the Dynamax Medicine Balls. Not only are they soft, easy to grip and made for catching, they’re made in a smaller size for kids. In addition to making their standard 14″ diameter ball in various weights, Dynamax also makes a 10″ diameter Mini Ball that’s just perfect for the smaller hands and bodies of children. The Mini looks and feels just like the Dynamax standard sized ball and is available in various weights from two pounds to six pounds.


Dynamax Mini Medicine Ball – 10″


Dynamax Standard Medicine Ball – 14″








My focus with kids and youth is to engage them in various forms of play and physical activity involving self-directed creativity, discovery and movement through various planes of motion. Kids are not miniature adults and forcing them into performing adult style fitness, boot camps and dryland sports training environments is doing them a huge disservice. Not only will kids get bored and turned off of “exercise” they’ll be missing out on what they require most during their critical windows and stages of development.

IMG_1503 fun at one med balls

The Dynamax med ball is not only a functional tool but a FUN tool as well that appeals to kids of all ages and can be used indoors or out, either by oneself or in a large group.

Below are a few examples of how I use Dynamax Medicine Balls. I hope they’ll give you some ideas of how easy it is to incorporate Dynamax Medicine Balls into your work with kids either in a youth sport team setting or in a physical education class.

The activities you do and how much fun you have is limited only by your imagination. The key ingredient to incorporate into all your work with kids is fun. The more fun the kids are having the more they’ll want to keep at it.

In Part three I’ll include some video examples of hands on instruction as delivered by David Jack from the Youth Fitness Summit in Toronto.

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Thank you.

David Kittner
Youth Fitness Guy


  1. Log throw and using the hill are 2 of my favourites! Thanks for posting and reminding me to get outside and play!

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