Ontario Minor Hockey Releases Podcasts

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) recently released it’s new series of podcasts Breakaway. Breakaway is a series of podcasts focusing on the pride, passion and participation of Canada’s national game. Continue reading

Effective Warm-ups for High School Athletes

11329829_10152864381497555_3320197346663173810_nLast month I had the pleasure of presenting at  the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) Coaching Symposium at Durham College in Oshawa and the Symposium for Healthy Active Physical Education (SHAPE UP) in Brockville for the Upper Canada District School Board.  Continue reading

Adult Recess Jump Rope Party

A ton of fun was had at Millennium Park in Peterborough, Ontario when we broke out the beaded jump ropes for an Adult Recess Jump Rope Party.

On hand to take part in the excitement were Continue reading

Field Hockey in Peterborough

Maverick CollageA new youth sport has arrived in Peterborough, Ontario. The sport of field hockey, both a Pan Am Games and an Olympic Sport, is now an option for kids looking for a summer sport in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Continue reading

Youth Fitness Podcast Guest Announcement

the youth fitness podcastThe Youth Fitness Podcast is coming in May.

The Youth Fitness Podcast will feature special guests from around the world talking about everything youth fitness: from strength and conditioning for kids to play, fitness, youth sports, athlete development, physical education, daily physical activity, injury prevention and mental skills to name but a few. We’ll also be making time to talk about topics of interest to you based on your submitted questions. Continue reading

The Youth Fitness Podcast

Youth Fitness PodcastI’m excited to announce the birth of the The Youth Fitness Podcast.  Our first episode will be coming to you next month.

The Youth Fitness Podcast will feature guests from around the world talking about everything youth fitness from Continue reading

Medicine Balls Youth Fitness Part 3

P1000203 (1)If you’re ready to inject a ton of fun into your youth fitness coaching sessions or physical education programming get yourself some Dynamax Medicine Balls. The number of activities and games you can do with the medicine balls is limitless. The kids will enjoy themselves so much they’ll be begging you for more. Continue reading

Teacher Coach Professional Development

coachingsymposiumlogo_2015_pngAre you an Ontario Elementary or High School Teacher Coach looking to improve and take your coaching to whole new level? The 2015 Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) Coaching Symposium takes place at Durham College in Oshawa on May 12th and 13th, 2015. The OFSAA Coaching Symposium is a great place for teacher coaches from across Ontario to meet new people, learn, share and have fun. Continue reading

Medicine Balls Youth Fitness Part 2


I never met a child, or even an adult for that matter who didn’t enjoy throwing things. I’ve learned over the years that medicine balls are great for that purpose. Whether you’re throwing a weighted med ball into a wide open space, to a partner or rebounding it off a wall, throwing medicine balls is a ton of fun and once kids get started and discover how much fun it can be, they never want to stop. Continue reading

What is Physical Activity?

kidsbootcampsThere’s no shortage of newscasts these days talking about the health of kids and their lack of physical activity due to technology and “laziness” and everyone and everyone is trying to find the “solution.”  Continue reading

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