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The need for daily physical activity is crucial for children and youth as it provides them with many opportunities to develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Unfortunately, it’s something kids are getting much less of these days both at home and at school and as result their health is being compromised.  Continue reading

The Strength Coach Podcast

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If you’re involved in Strength and Conditioning or Fitness Training in any capacity for athletes and/or general adult population, the Strength Coach Podcast is an absolute must listen to for ongoing learning and professional development. The Strength Coach Podcast is the Official Podcast of Michael Boyle’s website. Continue reading

Dollar Store Fitness

1012618_10151500247756073_1408296042_n WOWCome and see how everyday items found in a dollar store can be used by you and your family to stay active, healthy and fit.

Encouraging and engaging kids to be physically active on a daily basis is simple and easy to do.  In addition to the positive role modelling from parents and caregivers, kids need to be given the time, space and permission to play everyday, both at home and at school. Continue reading

Youth Fitness and Parents

march break

March Break has come and gone for most families of elementary and high school students in Ontario.  What may have been a week of camps, organized and unstructured physical activity outings and sleepovers is now over.

There’s no question kids enjoy March Break, (as do parents for those who are able to get time away from their work) not just because they’re out of school but because they get to spend more time with their friends, playing and being active on a daily basis, and being free of the  stresses of school, homework and daily routines. Continue reading

Tennis Ball Drops

Here’s a quick and easy youth fitness drill/game that can be done almost anywhere inside or out. Not only is it fun but it’s a great way to develop  and enhance acceleration, reaction and eye hand coordination. Use various starting positions and catching positions to challenge the athlete in as many ways as possible. Progress from slow to fast and simple to complex. Keep it fun and engaging and the kids will never want to stop. Continue reading

New Field Hockey Club for Peterborough

Club Field Hockey has arrived in Peterborough thanks to Amy Hollingsworth. Amy’s lifelong passion and dedication to the game has made her dream of starting up a community based grass roots field hockey club a reality with the recent birth of Maverick Field Hockey Club. Continue reading

Community Care Peterborough Kms for Care

kms for care croppesOn Sunday, April 26th I’m taking part in the Community Care Peterborough Kms for Care Run/Walk at Trent University in Peterborough as a member of Team Prowess Strength and Conditioning. Team Prowess is entering both a 5 km Walk Team and a 5 km Run Team. The Team is all about fun and community spirit. Continue reading

The Importance of Movement and Play for Children in School

Jeremy FrischI’m happy to share a post from friend and colleague Jeremy Frisch. Jeremy is the owner and director of Achieve Performance Training in Clinton, Mass. He’s the former assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Holy Cross athletic department. While there, he worked directly with the Crusader men’s basketball team, in addition to serving as the strength coach for Holy Cross’ men’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball, softball, field hockey, tennis and women’s track & field squads. Continue reading

No Cookie Cutters at Prowess


Everyone who walks through the doors at Prowess Strength and Conditioning in Peterborough has their own unique story. Regardless of one’s age everyone has their own set of personal experiences and circumstances that makes them who they are. Meeting each individual where they’re at is one of the fundamental philosophies at Prowess. Continue reading

Peterborough High School Students Represent

Ptbo High School ShirtsHappy New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2015. We can’t stop time from moving forward but we can control what we do with our time. We can spend it doing nothing or we can take action and go after what we want. After all, good things don’t come to those who wait; good things come to those who go after what they want. Continue reading

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